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What is APEX?

APEX is proprietary technology designed to process and mine data at exceptionally high rates.

  • High powered data processing equipment
  • Produces computational power
  • Exceptional processing capacity
  • Computing speed, flexibility, memory, and power that is unmatched
  • Replaces between 40 to 100 top end GPU’s per unit

APEX is sold in a complete technology package that provides the purchaser the ability to produce passive income for a period of five years.

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APEX Program

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Data Technology is Emerging

Data Technology represents a category of high-powered memory intensive computing technologies that are driving the largest multi-trillion dollar emerging markets including: Smart Technologies, Artificial intelligence, Blockchain technology, Virtual Reality, 3D animation, to name a few.

Big Data and 4IR (Fourth Industrial Revolution) is upon us generating an estimated 49 billion dollars in 2019 with an annual growth rate of 11%. Leveraging APEX innovative computational hardware and A.I. software will offer fast, reliable and cost effective processing for projects, companies and applications of all sizes.

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Big Data

“We are progressing from an Information Technology (IT) era to a period that favors Data Technology (DT). The DT era is represented by big data technology, and could unleash new potential and bring revolutionary change to the world.” - Jack Ma, Founder of Alibaba

Data Processing with APEX

Introducing APEX, a proprietary ultra-high-speed data processing technology that produces exceptional computational power. APEX is poised with demand in emerging markets including Smart Homes, Smart Cities, Smart Devices, Artificial Intelligence, Block Chain Technology, Virtual Reality, 3D Animation, Financial Technology, Health Technology, and more.

Our proprietary high-powered hardware and A.I. software provides large-scale performance advantages and a competitive economic edge to industries using data processing, computational power, and A.I. rendering. APEX hardware has computational speed, flexibility, memory, and power, that is entirely unmatched. APEX is more than just a hardware, it’s a complete package that serves as a revenue generating asset for SAFETek, and for you.

Purchase APEX, lease it to SAFETek, and begin earning passive income within 90 days.

APEX Tek (600)

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